Continuous and Long-term Effect

The secret of SELFEEL's long lasting capability is the generation of radicals by means of catalyst reaction. SELFEEL does not directly act on toxic substances (the source of odors, bacteria, VOCs, etc.). It generates radicals (・OH, etc) to decompose and destroy toxic substances. The radicals are not contained within SELFEEL nor generated by chemical change of SELFEEL itself. The radicals are generated from atmospheric water and oxygen by the catalytic reaction of SELFEEL. Therefore, SELFEEL is not consumed and its chemical make up does not deteriorate.

Some contents of SELFEEL relating to the generation of radicals will have a certain lifespan. However, the lifespan is much longer than the materials on which SELFEEL is applied. It is no exaggeration to say that the life of SELFEEL lasts as long as the materials to which it is applied.

For long-term results, SELFEEL should be allowed to settle on the applied materials completely. SELFEEL does not require a binding agent for settlement like other products. The ingredients of SELFEEL are of made up of ultra-micro particles and easily adhere on applied materials. Further, the aluminum component in SELFEEL forms a rigid and porous ultra-thin layer on the sprayed surface, which helps settlement as well as protecting the ingredients related to the generation of radicals.


The aluminum oxide is strong against physical power, and also strong on acidic and alkaline conditions.

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