Questions and Answers on application work

Is it any problem to spray SELFEEL in Japanese-style rooms where plenty of paper is used?
It is no problem basically, but humidity in the room may temporarily increase by the application. The application work is conducted very carefully on any occasion, and more attention is particularly paid to the application for the materials which are not resistant to moisture.
Can glass surface be coated, too?
It is possible, but SELFEEL may not settle on the glass in the case of glass covered with special sealing material. Too dirty glass will have to be thoroughly cleaned before the application. When applied on glass surface, the glass looks to be a little cloudy immediately after the application, but this will be cleared up soon.
Is the application on furniture effective?
The effect of SELFEEL depends upon the size of contacting area of the applied SELFEEL with the environmental atmosphere. The application of SELFEEL on furniture is effective not only in decomposing directly VOC released from the furniture, but also in contacting the applied SELFEEL with the circulating atmospheric water and oxygen at larger area. If furniture is set at the wall applied with SELFEEL, the furniture may interrupt the contacting of the applied SELFEEL with the circulating atmospheric water and oxygen. By the application of SELFEEL on wall and furniture, it is effective to expand the area for contacting of the applied SELFEEL with the circulating atmospheric water and oxygen. So the application on furniture is effective.
What kind of preparation is necessary before the application?
Particular preparation for the application is not necessary, except for simple general cleaning, and furniture can stay where they are. Equipments to be brought in are all compact, including a portable air-compressor. SELFEEL is absolutely the safe substance. When you are nevertheless worried, cover the object you want to protect with towel or like one.
What will have to be observed after the application?
Please live as before. Just ventilate a little after the application. The room may be misty immediately after the application. Wait the initial ventilation until the mist is cleared up within approx. 30 minutes to 2 hours.

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